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PHOTOBOOK [TEPPEI ONO] launch exhibition TEPPEI ONO exhibition × UTSUWA SHOKEN exhibition

TEPPEI ONO 「EARTH - UTSUWA」@SARA japanese pottery Oct 12 to 14
USTUWA SHOKEN presents「UTSUWA KATACHI」@SANNGA project Oct 19 to 23


We have 2 locations for this show.
Oct. 12th - 16th: Weekday 10am to 7pm
       Saturday&Sunday 12pm to 6pm
18 East 64th street, 1F, New York, NY10065
Sara Japanese Pottery
Oct. 12th to 14th
950 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10021

UTSUWA SHOKEN from Kamakura presents [UTSUWA KATACHI]
Oct 19th - 23rd: weekday 10am to 7pm
         Saturday&Sunday 12pm to 6pm
18 East 64th street, 1F, New York, NY10065

!!!Artist reception on Oct 12th, from 6pm to 8pm
@ Sara Japanese Pottery

PHOTO BOOK [TEPPEI ONO] and [USTUWA KATACHI] launch exhibition

SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts is pleased to announce three commemorable shows!!!
For these shows, we will invite two person. One is a potter Teppei Ono, another is a publisher Tomoo Shoken.
Teppei started learning pottery in 1978. First, he studied in Bizen, and then moved to Okinawa. In 1982, he started to apprentice to Ryoji Koie in Tokoname.
His first solo exhibition in 1983 was very experimental. The title was "What is value? 'Selling by Weight'". And in 1986, he raised a question 'how the ceramic arts world is' by exhibiting his show named "Food Bowls for Animals Exhibition".
He had traveled overseas with his family. Especially they spent long time in Asian countries, Thailand, Laos, India and so on.
In 1998, He moved to the middle of terraced rice fields located the top of the mountain in Kochi prefecture and he started building wood fired kiln that took him 3 years to complete.

In 2002, Shoken Tomoo was introduced to Teppei Ono by Ryo Aoki.
Since then, she was inspired by Teppei's life in the mountains and became absorbed in his creation. Eventually, she published a DVD book "UTSUWA BITO ONO TEPPEI" (TEPPAI ONO Creator of Vessels) in 2007.
In 2010, a world-famous contemporary artist Takashi Murakami found Teppei Ono.
Murakami had been interested in Japanese pottery world. He considered craft, especially pottery, as "real art" in Japan. He organized Teppei's solo exhibition at Kaikai Kiki Gallery "TEPPEI ONO POTTERY EXHIBITION : LIGHT IN THE SHADOW OF THE HEART".
The reason why Murakami chose Teppei for the first pottery exhibition at his contemporary art gallery was that Teppei was one of the artists who lead the living crafts world, whether he was expected or not.

Once you hold his Utsuwa (vessel) in your hands, you will feel the energy from the earth.
You can feel the world he draws.
We hope you enjoy tea out of his tea cup, and enjoy rice out of his rice bowl.
Then you would realize that you are in the another world.

FABRICS! beyond boundaries! #2

@ SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts : Sep 28th to Oct 1st, 12pm - 19pm(Sat and Sun 12pm - 18pm)

SANNGA is a gallery operated by Nana Yamasaki who owns a fashion company "Yamma Sangyo inc" in Tokyo, and a very traditional weaving factory "Harappa" in Fukushima, Japan.
In this show, we introduce 5 fashion designers particular about "Fabrics", weaving, dyeing, knitting.



FABRICS! beyond boundaries!#2
@SANNGA project

CALICO the arts of Indian village fabrics

Sep 28th - Oct 1st
12pm-19pm (Sat&Sun 12pm -18pm)
@SANNGA project
18 EAST 64th st, #1F, NY, NY 10065

SANNGA project Facebook

Malcolm Wright Ceramic Exhibition

@ SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts : June15st to 22th, 12pm - 18pm


We have 2 locations for this show.
15th - 21st: open everyday 12pm to 6pm
22nd - 30th: by appointment only
Please call (516) 727-6131 Nana Yamasaki or
email sannga@yamma.jp to make appointment.

18 East 64th street, 1F, New York, NY10065
Sara Japanese Pottery
June 15th to 17th 2017
950 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10021

!!!Artist reception on June 15th, from 6pm to 8pm
@ Sara Japanese Pottery

[Malcolm Wright Ceramic Exhibition ~ A Potter's Lifetime ~]

SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts is pleased to announce a retrospective show of Malcom Wright. Malcom Wright began studying pottery in 1963. It was not long before he became interested in the Momoyama period, when the tea ceremony had flourished. Drawn by this fascination, Malcom Wright lived in Karatsu, an area known for its very traditional pottery, and studied under Tarouemon the 12th from 1967 through 1970.

Since then, he has been a good friend of Tarouemon's son, Takashi Nakazato, and in 1992, they held a two-man show at Museum of Fine Arts, Art Complex Museum, and the Denver Art Museum. Their firing process was also filmed for a video titled "Bridge of Fire”. In 1997, they held a four-person show at Manyodo in Tokyo with Kihei Takiguchi and Hideo Miyaoka.

As Hanako Nakazato — Takashi's daughter — has studied under Malcom, their lifelong friendship continues to this day.

Malcom Wright decided to retire from pottery this year. Sadly, this will be the last chance to see his pieces. We will exhibit works ranging from his earliest years through his most recent, as well as Takashi Nakazato's pieces.

Please come and witness his passion, respect for Japanese art, and relationship with Nakazato.

*We visited Malcolm's studio in Vermont in April.
Please check the Sara's diary.

Japanese Indigo Show

@ SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts : June 30th to July 3rd, 12pm - 18pm

Zatouichi dinner party June 29th, from 6pm to 8pm
appointment to

shuki ten - SAKE wear show

@ SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts : July 6th to 11th, 12pm - 18pm

opening reception on July 6th, from 6pm to 8pm

15 young potters from Japan

@ SANNGA project @ Dai Ichi Arts : June1st to 7th, 12pm - 18pm

tiff用 15 young tate yohaku.tif
opening reception on June 3rd, from 6pm to 8pm

[15 young potters from Japan]

This is the first exhibition of SANNGA at Dai Ichi Arts' gallery space.
For this exhibit, we will present 15 young potters from Japan, including Akihiro Nikaido, whose ceramic vessels will be shown at Sara Japanese Pottery during the same time, and Kouzo Takeuchi, who has shown at Dai Ichi Arts in the past.
These 15 artists were all born in the 70's and 80's and are considered very young by the Japanese potter's standard.
Each artist has their own distinct techniques and methods of expression.
They are not satisfied with the status quo, and offer their own answers through their work every day.
A potter is an artist continuously fighting with such contradictions.
You can see both the paths they've traveled and the goals they've attained at this exhibition, and can even envision how their work will continue.
This is a chance to enjoy your life and the the life of the artists.
You are young, and life has much to offer

15 artists:

SANNGA and Dai Ichi Arts will be collaborating to bring you many kinds of ceramic arts. Please enjoy them with us!

この展覧会は、NYで25年間、日本の現代陶芸を紹介してきたギャラリー「Dai Ichi Arts」のスペースを引き継ぐ形でSANNGAが行う初めての展覧会です。
その中には、同じ時期にSara Japanese Potteryで器の個展を開催中の二階堂明弘と、これまでも
Dai Ichi Artsで紹介して来た竹内紘三も入っています。


AKIHIRO NIKAIDO solo exhibition

@ Sara Japanese Pottery : June1st to 3rd, 10am - 19pm

front ok nikaidosara postcard-layout 5x7.pdf
Artist reception on June 1st, from 6pm to 8pm

[NIKAIDO AKIHIRO solo exhibition]

Akihiro Nikaido
Born 1977 in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
After studying ceramics at a technical school, he moved in 2002 to Mashiko, a town famous for its ceramic art.
His studio was severely damaged by the earthquake disaster of March 11, 2011, and as a result, he relocated to the countryside of Chiba prefecture in 2015.

Nikaido has many faces to him, much like the surfaces of his pottery in this solo exhibition.

Nikaido is a serious ceramic artist who works diligently.
He engages in solo exhibitions nearly 10 times a year and daringly challenges to show his works abroad. Without looking away from the problems of society, he touches clay and throws on the potter’s wheel on a daily basis, as one means of sweeping away fear. He is conscious of his obligation to continue the history that began when the first humans touched clay.

Nikaido is an artist as well.
He asks himself, “Can UTSUWA can become art?” (The Japanese word UTSUWA means not only container or dish, but also evokes the generosity or talent of a person or object)
The answer he arrived at is that “UTSUWA can be the threshold.”
The threshold that fulfills both the interior and the exterior will bring about all possibilities to each person. Nikaido believes that the vessel is a device that creates these thresholds in the lives of people.

Nikaido respects history and culture and creates tea bowls.
If asked whether he makes tea, he replies, “That is not my work.” That's right.
His work is to make tea bowls.
In a tea ceremony, one will witness a person making tea, a person arranging flowers, a person painting a scroll, and the change of seasons and effects of weather. When all elements are combined, the performance is completed.
He carries a part of this ritual, and he sometimes enjoys it, too. He embodies a deep admiration of tea culture.

In 2009, Nikaido began a project called “TO-ISM,” gathering together young potters and holding exhibitions of their work in combination with his own ceramics. After the earthquake disaster, he engaged in activities to send UTSUWA to stricken areas, titled “USTUWA NO CHIKARA (power of UTSUWA)".
He is investigating the ability of UTSUWA to relate with both potters and society.
In Japan, the environment of the ceramic arts is complicated by the lengthy histories of tea culture, traditional crafts, folk arts (MINGEI), contemporary art, life industrial arts (SEIKATSU KOUGEI), and daily dishes. In such a situation, he searches for a way for the potter and ceramist to be independent.

As stated above, Nikaido has many faces.
But the basis of his works is consistent — that they originate from “the belief in the power of the clay (earth).”
From the ground he stands on, he touches the clay with his hands and creates things will then remain in our hands.
He entrusts the clay and flame with his impression and consciousness.
All the works and activities are his expression.
He makes “UTSUWA” that are functional, but contemplates, if his UTSUWA can become a chance to change our lifestyles and lives, then his works are the art.

- Nana Yamasaki










SANNGA project 代表 山崎ナナ